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THERE is a moral to the story of God’s game of hide and seek that Alan Watts imparts to the children in his audience, and that is that in reality all is well with their world. They are safe, they are loved and are meant to be here. They simply need to have faith in the process of life and faith in themselves.

But we have come to confuse faith with being just a part of religion when in fact it is not. We profess to have faith in God, but that god is not the real deal, only a cardboard cut out manufactured by religious zealots to hoodwink the masses. Religion has usurped faith to suit its own purposes. Unlike religious faith, whose blind following keeps us in ignorance, true faith is an asset.

The real God does not want or expect us to kowtow to his every whim and impose penalties if we don’t. Nor does the real God want us to die in religious wars or acts of terrorism fought supposedly in his name. These wars are waged for a false god, depending on who he is depicted to be and in what faith a particular mob follows.

Each denomination preaches that religious faith is okay – but only if we believe in the same god that they believe in. But what happens if we don’t? Faith goes out the window and we are classed as terrorists or infidels and ostracized to all but adherents of our own particular religious gang.

If we are in the right spot at the wrong time, we are likely to be shot for our ‘misguided faith’ as so many of our own kind already have. Millions upon millions of us have died in the name of religious faith and for that we all must share the blame, not just the perpetrators, for we are all collectively responsible for the world we live in…

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Dan’s Quote: “God is within you, so have faith in yourself.”


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