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IN EVERY town and city in every nation in the world, there are libraries. They hold within them the complete recorded history of man, his environment and the history of the universe as man knows and understands it. Within the mind of man there is also a library, one that is far more expansive and complex than any library out there.

Our inner library is within each and every one of our minds. The librarian is the ego, the person we think we are. It records each and every moment of our life as memories, automatically storing them away for safe keeping, like physical librarians do.

Both the inner and outer libraries can only record events of the past, once they have happened and become a part of history, even though some of those events may only have occurred a fraction of a moment before in time, it is still a part of the past.

As our personal records (memories) and the records kept in our physical libraries get older, they are less used, so as time goes by, they are progressively relocated further and further back into the libraries dark recesses.

Within each of our personal libraries, the records are held of all the memories of every single event, every taste, every smell, every feel, every sight, every sound and every emotional reaction to every event we have ever experienced since the day we were born, whether we judged them good, bad or otherwise.

“Anything new is a potential threat to the ego’s continuing survival.”

As the recorded memories get older, they are harder or sometimes impossible for us to recall, but the ego remembers them all and uses them constantly as a ready reference to enable it to decide how to respond to any new event that occurs in our life, based on the memories of what it did in similar situations in the past…

Dan’s Quote: “To change our world we need only step out of the old and into the new.”


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