The Library 2


COLLECTIVELY, the libraries of the world hold within them all the information concerning the history of man and his environment from when history was first recorded to the present day, including his many discoveries, achievements and advancements in the sciences, which includes his explorations and deliberations of the land, the planet and the universe in which he lives.

Likewise, within the mind of man, beginning at the time of his first appearance on earth, the collective ego has been accumulating a far more complex library detailing the inner mental workings of man. His beliefs, judgments, prejudices, ideologies and idiosyncrasies, and the manner in which he collectively thinks about his world.

When anything new takes place, our reaction to it together as human beings is based on the collective ego’s records of the past – what we did last time. Because of this, we do not see nor recognize, therefore do not react to any new event for what it is, fresh, vibrant and dynamic, but look at it through the dirty lens of the past – instantly correlating the new event with that which is already known.

By way of the mind’s collective ego, our world leaders organize and run our governments, corporations, institutions and societies by referencing and generally following what was done in the past. In this way the collective ego makes and imposes laws and regulations that control the lives and actions of the populace, based on those records stored away in the collective ego’s voluminous mental library.

Again, anything new is a potential threat to the survival of the ego, for if we should ever, ever awaken from our spiritual slumber and realize the fact that we can happily live and prosper in the present moment, without relying on what happened in the past to organize and run our lives, the ego would become redundant.

The ego does not want this of course, for it would mean it’s demise, so it’s responses and reactions to every new event, passed on to us and the leaders of our nations via our collective subconscious, is always based on the old, the stale, and especially the safe and known past

Dan’s Quote: “Our lives are diminished by an unconscious fear of the new.”


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