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CONNECTED to our soul/true self, the ego is an integral component for our complete physical experience. It is our body’s intelligence whose only purpose is to look after the running of the human machine, but somewhere along the line it overstepped its boundaries and took over our sense of identity.

It is this mistaken sense of self that is causing all of our problems. To end the illusion, we need to stop ‘thinking’ that we are this false ego self that’s in charge of our body’s maintenance not our life, and reconnect with who we truly are. To do this we must step away from our past and move into the present.

Once we do that, we will find that the world is born anew every moment. For example, when we look at a rose or a sunset, there will no longer be any old memories of either roses or sunsets to compare them with. They’ll have a freshness and vibrancy all of their own and in the instant we drink in their fleeting beauty it will be gone, to be replaced in the next moment by a new vision.

It is the same with every person we meet, whether loved ones or people we don’t like. Outside of the library, there will no longer be any memories of what they were like last year, yesterday or even a second ago. There will no longer be any stale baggage from the past, we will accept them unconditionally, just as they are in the now moment – and accept them once again in the next moment and the next – and the next.

Now, how hard do you think it would be to leave your past life behind? Pretty hard AY! But not to our true self. Our true self is already like that, and always has been. So to change our life experience from the pain of the false to the joy of the truth, all we need do is change our sense of identity from the past to the present…

Dan’s Quote: “We are not blinded by the light of awareness,
______________we are blinded by the dark of ignorance.”

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