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THE ONLY REASON it’s so difficult for us to leave our past behind and live in the present moment is that we believe we are this constantly thinking chatterbox in our head, and while ever we have this false sense of identity, that’s the last thing in the world we would want to do, for it would mean the end of our illusory self – the ego.

Understanding this academically is not good enough for any mental effort we use would only be ego effort, and the ego will hoodwink us if it can by pretending to be a sincere seeker. ‘Oh Yes!’ we (as the ego self) proudly exclaims, ‘I now understand what it’s all about and I am now fully awakened and living in the present moment.

We may think that we could happily live with that, but what about the pain? Our ego would continue to be what it always has been, selfish, greedy, cruel and uncaring and if we don’t toe the line we will be punished, as we are now, with anxiety, depression, unhappiness, anger, despair. We would not be free at all but would continue to be at the mercy of our ego.

In the meantime, our soul/true self continues to do exactly what we came here to do, experience a human lifetime. Having the courage to step out of our library of the past will allow us to ‘catch up’ so to speak and consciously join in with our true self, in this exciting journey of our lifetime.

Leaving our library of the past and living in the now would not mean that we would suddenly cease to be our ego and become our soul – rather with self awareness, we will shed our delusion of the ego, leaving it to look after our body, while we reunite with our soul – a unity that we have never really lost…

Dan’s Quote: “We may think the world is full of despair but it isn’t, it’s full of ego.”


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