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OUR SOUL has one purpose for being here and that’s to experience a physical lifetime. It is curious; it wants to know what being a human is all about. So it is repeatedly born into this world, each time attaching itself to a physical body, to explore experience and learn.

Whilst our soul does this, our library of the past is used as a ready reference to remember the dos and don’ts of past experience. This helps the ego, the body’s intelligence, to run and maintain the mundane daily tasks of living and surviving in a material world.

Our soul has specific missions it uses to help give our lifetime a focus. These missions could be to learn what was not learned in previous lifetimes, or to learn something as yet unexperienced, or it could be to teach, where our soul learns to help other souls complete their life plans.

We all have an agenda that our soul decided on before attaching itself to our body. They’re narrow enough to give life a certain composition, yet broad enough to avoid limiting our free will, thus allowing flexibility as we progress.

Beyond its specific missions for each lifetime, our soul is seeking something much bigger. The grand purpose if you like, is to unite with our physical self – allowing us to become consciously aware during a physical lifetime that our soul awareness and our physical self awareness are one and the same.

In our souls learning experience, it is not just positive feelings it is after, it wants to be entitled to them. In our eternal home there are no negatives, only positives, so while living in a material world, our soul learns how to appreciate them.

Our soul does this during a human lifetime by contrasting the positive experiences against the negatives. By experiencing the pain, sorrow, loss, unhappiness etc of physical life and overcoming them, our soul can then feel entitled to and thus appreciate the good things, both in our physical lives and also later, in our spiritual life…

Dan’s Quote: “See yourself as a soul with a body, rather than a body with a soul.”

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