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THE LIBRARY of the past is an essential component for our total life experience. It appears though that we have misused what was meant to be an aid to maintaining the viability of our physical form and allowed it to take over our identity. In reality this is not the case for there is a purpose to everything, but whilst believing we are our ego self we can never understand this truth.

Identifying with the ego is similar to being cast in a stage play where we wear a costume to play a role in a drama but strangely, in our life drama, once we have donned our human costume, we believe we really are the character we are portraying.

If we did not identify with the ego (which is the next stage of mans evolution) our life experience would remain similar in that we would still be playing the same role in the same drama, but we would be consciously aware of who we really are – a soul wearing a costume, playing a part in a life drama.

When we no longer identify with our ego we will then become what might be called, a freed personality, unencumbered by a false sense of self – in other words a self that is fully aware that it is temporarily housed in a body with a name whilst being fully involved in the role of a human being.

Once we have evolved to that stage, we will be much more stable and receptive to being led down more advanced avenues of learning towards our soul’s ultimate aim of spiritual/physical unity. It is up to each one of us, how long this takes.

When we discard the human costume at the end of our life’s drama, we will no longer be our physical self – but our awareness of self, or soul awareness – will continue to exist as we reawaken from the dream of physical life, remembering who we truly are…

Dan’s Quote: “Discard the illusion, embrace reality and the pain stops.”


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