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LOOKING at it from our very limited human perspective, you could say that ninety percent of our soul remains on the spiritual plane leaving just ten percent to inhabit our human body, so even though that ten percent may not remember its true origins, the other ninety percent does.

In this way, our soul can guide us along a predetermined but flexible life path using intuition (that quiet voice within) to complete the missions our soul has come here to perform. All that we really need do is stop thinking so much and listen to that inner voice.

In reality, our soul remains wholly on the spiritual plane for there is nowhere else to go. The ten percent that is experiencing the melodrama of physical life within our mind is only our soul having a dream where it plays the imaginary role of a physical being living a lifetime in a physical universe.

Our identification with the ego has been necessary for without it there would have been a gap in the learning curve of our physical journey, for if we were to suddenly remember who we truly are without first fully experiencing the human condition, it just would not have made any sense, therefore our soul has purposely made us forget our true origins.

Doing this makes the human adventure much more intense and worthwhile, allowing us to experience and learn from the rigors of living in a seemingly hostile world. In this way, we learn to appreciate the love, joy and peace that permeates our eternal home.

As our human species approaches the next step in our evolution, spiritual/physical unity, the library of the past will continue to serve us well, albeit behind the scenes, doing what it was originally meant to do, ensure that our physical bodies have the best chance of surviving in a physical world.

Mankind is approaching the verge of evolving past the necessity for ego identification and once we have achieved that milestone, we will advance onward to the stage where we will have earned the privilege of consciously sharing our life’s journey with our soul/true self. What a wonderful life adventure is in store for us then…

Dan’s Quote: “Whatever is wrong with your world
______________is exactly the same as whatever is wrong with you.”


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