Become Like A Child

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WE are born consciously knowing our perfection? So why does it so quickly become unconscious? Why doesn’t that awareness continue? Why do we have to spend lifetimes struggling to rediscover how great we really are? We are not meant to lose that knowledge. We are born into this world with the full intention of holding onto it.

But somehow, something interferes with our well laid plans, our fears and survival instincts kick in, all sorts of distractions get in the way. We come into this world as babies with our magnificence intact, but we have been conditioned to forget it along the way. If we all remembered who we truly are, our lives would be very, very different.

When we look at very young children, they know they are special. They are full of joy. When you know that you are loved and special, you don’t become selfish and egotistical – which is what the popular perception is. In fact it’s the opposite, you become full of joy – the way you see little children who laugh so easily. This is what actually happens, you become like a child.

You laugh easily, you don’t take things so seriously and you become a joy to be around. Actually you become much more giving. The more that you love yourself and the more you realize how powerful you are, you actually become much more generous because you can afford to be. You’re not afraid. You don’t keep things close to your chest, you don’t compete or fight.

You know that you already have everything you could ever need. So you become very generous, giving, joyful and popular. People love people like that. So what happened to us along the way?…

Dan’s Quote: “You are writing the story of your life and everyone else
______________ is playing the part you have assigned to them.”


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