OUR life’s journey is played out concurrently on an infinite number of dimensional levels in the multi-universe, with each level inhabited by a separate ego awareness of self – which collectively makes up our ego consciousness. Why is that so, wouldn’t the one ego be sufficient as we only have one soul?

No! Our life experience on each level is different, depending on the choices we make and the ever changing beliefs that we harbour. These multiple egos allow our soul to have separate experiences of our one single life’s journey, reacting to the myriad life situations resulting from the multiple choices that are presented to us in any given moment.

This allows for an infinitely variable experience of life. On all levels, our name is the same and our physical body begins the same, then changes slightly on different levels over time only as a direct result of the life choices that are played out on each of those levels. Every variation of our life is experienced according to those different choices and the various paths we may then decide, albeit unconsciously, to follow.

When we fully realize that our life is much more than we ‘think’ it is, we still may live our life exactly as we do now, except we will ‘know’ that we are much greater than the part we are playing. Also, we won’t take life as seriously as we do now, for we will also ‘know’ that we are constantly switching from one level to another, ensuring that we always live out a full life term – and that our loved ones are doing the same.

Everything that exists in this multi-universe is an expression of a boundless, life-giving force, that to our ego consciousness is indescribable and unknowable. Anything we try to ‘think about’ with regard to this is, by definition, less than it.

 Who we truly are is infinite and eternal, we have no boundaries at all. Comparing the person we ‘think we are’ to the boundlessness of our true reality is like comparing the width of a knife’s edge to the distance of a million light-years…

Dan’s Quote: “We are much greater than the sum of our parts.”


About Dan Brand

Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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