WHILE living out our lives in this multi-dimensional universe with its infinite possibilities, in all dimensions, including this one, we are living out versions of our life which include events that we have no control over, sickness and accidents, natural disasters etc. Here, where our ego consciousness resides, we may survive those incidences virtually unscathed and think ourselves lucky to be alive.

But simultaneously, in other dimensions, we will not survive – in yet others, as a result we will suffer extreme sickness and pain, life threatening injuries and such like. This life experience is also reversed and we may suffer or perish here on this level whilst escaping harm on other levels.

Another traumatic experience is the loss of someone dear to us. These events occur in all dimensions, but when the death of a loved one occurs in this dimension affecting us personally, it may cause us deep sorrow.

Be reassured at these times, your loved one carries on living in infinite other dimensions. When any death occurs, the ego consciousness instantly slips to another dimension where life carries on, so they will not even be aware that in this dimension they have perished. This is also true for ourselves, we have died many, many times.

Although we are unconscious of our total life experience, a tiny shred of reality sometimes filters through to our subconscious, so we can at times become intuitively aware of some of the other experiences in our infinite variety of life.

When a small piece of that knowledge filters through into our conscious mind, strange memories or visions occur and sometimes out of body experiences such as an awareness of floating above our body. In this case, we may be very ill in this dimension, hovering close to death.

On other dimensions, we have most probably died as a result, and those images and emotions have inadvertently filtered through to this dimension where we actually survive that trauma. In these instances a window has momentarily opened into our total reality and we are given a small glimpse of other dimensions where we also exist.

Smaller, less dramatic memories and feelings that crop up in our lifetime occasionally we call déjà vu. In reality though, our whole existence is déjà vu…

Dan’s Quote: “Our awareness of life is only a small snippet of our totality.”


About Dan Brand

Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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