EVERY human being lives a full life. Our mission, while we are here, is to experience every aspect of physical life, and that takes a full life term commitment. The average time it takes to accomplished this today appears to be around seventy five to eighty years or so, although if our mission is still not complete by that age, a few of us may live longer than that.

Although we may ‘die’ many times on different dimensional levels during our full lifetime term, no one’s physical life actually ends until our mission is complete and the time is right, and only we can decide that. How can that be? People die of all ages, babies die, young people die, we can die at any moment.

Remember a very important point in this story – our ‘little ego me consciousness’ is restricted to and thus aware of, only one small, narrow, dimensional level of our full life experience on an infinite number of three dimensional levels in the multi-universe.

When somebody ‘dies’, they only die on one level. If it so happens to be on this level where your ego consciousness also resides, then you will mourn their death if they are near and dear to you, but the person who ‘dies’ on this level themselves, (their ego awareness of self) carries on, their consciousness instantly switches to another dimension where they continue to survive. To them, their death did not occur.

On the levels where they continue to exist (on which you also exist), you will not be mourning them for they are still alive. If a person is involved in a traffic accident say, simultaneously, in every  dimension including this one, all variations of that trauma will be experienced, from death to permanent disabilities, to life threatening wounds, to suffering a few broken bones.

If on this level, as a result of that accident, the person has a near miss and survives unscathed, we will be patting them on the back, saying, ‘You lucky bugger, go buy a lottery ticket’ rather than mourning them.

Although we all die many times on many dimensional levels, we must live out our full life term – in one dimension or another…

Dan’s Quote: “You are sentenced to Planet Earth for the full term of your natural life.”


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Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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