Black Holes


black holes1

WHO’S TO SAY that a black hole stops at our universe? What if it continues on to a fourth dimensional universe, then a fifth, then a sixth dimensional universe ad infinitum! The inhabitants of all these other universes would be living their lives, experiencing all the dramas, hopes and fears of their particular world, as we do ours, completely oblivious as we are, that other dimensional universes exist.

If this were true, would we then be so unique or would we be just a part of something magnificently spectacular? Three dimensional beings sharing a multi-dimensional universe that contains many other varied dimensions inhabited by many other, very, very different and diverse living creatures, that would be beyond our ability to detect or understand.

We would never be able to meet, or share our science, or understand anything about each other, nor even know that the others exist. What we can do though is to become consciously aware of who we are and the role we might be playing in this wonder of life, pondering for a moment that our universe may not be all there is. togetherness

Here, everything, including ourselves, needs to have three dimensions, a height, a width and a depth, which means that for us to recognize anything outside of our universe, it would have to have those same three dimensional qualities otherwise we would not recognize it for what it was nor even know it was there.

In this hypothetical multi-universe, imagine for a moment a further  possibility. What if all the other universes are not in reality below us or above us at all. What if they are right here around us in this one illusory space/time continuum?

Being of different dimensions, if they were sharing our space, they would be as invisible to us as we are to them. We could all be co-existing together right now, sharing this one space in this illusory multi-dimensional universe…

Dan’s Quote: “Our Oneness is far more extensive than we realize.”

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