WHEN a baby is born prematurely, or with a defect or disease – on all dimensional levels, you and they will experience the infinite possible variations of their disability, including premature death. If it is your child, that is very difficult to come to terms with.

It needs to be remembered that in this multi-dimensional universe, if your child or loved dies, causing you to grieve, on other levels they continue to live, grow and mature – and on those levels, you are continuing to love and share in their lives.

It must also be realized that if their disability is cured or lessened to some degree on this level and you are thanking God for being merciful, just remember a sobering thought – on other levels, you continue to tend to a sick child or at worst, you are mourning their death.

On rare occasions, a child may be born only to complete one or two missions, so will be here for a shorter duration than normal. In these special and specific circumstances, they may die young when their missions have been successfully completed.

These children may suffer from such ailments as Senescence, (premature aging) Multiple sclerosis, Cerebral palsy or a host of other illnesses. One attribute they all seem to have in common though is that they appear to know that they may die early and most do not fear their own death. Maybe you know children like that.

Our suffering is appeased if we realize that a child’s death has only occurred to allow us, on this level to experience and learn from that emotional trauma. On other levels, they continue to live, with different degrees of that disability, so they can continue to learn and experience, whilst they continue to love and interact with you.

We have all died many times in this lifetime, as we live in an environment of risk, disease and physical danger, but we are completely unaware of that fact, for our ego awareness simply switches to another level where we remain alive and well. We have no option but to live out a full life…

Dan’s Quote: “The soul of a sick child may be much more experienced than other souls.
______________They are the wise souls that tend to attach themselves to such physical bodies
______________so as to experience and teach the finer points of human life.”


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Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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