MANKIND is under the false assumption that we are special somehow – God’s favorite – but we do not take preference over any other living creature at all. Yes, we play an important role in the overall evolution of life – but so does every other life form. Being blessed with the greater intelligence, we are held responsible for ensuring the successful continuation of all life in our little corner of the multi-universe.

Other living creatures great and small fill just as an important slot in the totality of life and all life switches from one dimensional level to another the same as we do, as they experience their own version of the infinite variety of life. When you swat a fly or squash a bug or an insect, they only die on this level, while continuing their life on others.

Animals we slaughter and eat for food, also only die on this level. Omnivores like us, need meat to supplement our diet for survival and these animals are legitimately provided to service that need on this level – whilst continuing their life experience on others.

Plants are living creatures too, so although they are also consumed as nourishment for other life forms, including us, on one level or another, they continue to flourish on yet other levels, for they too, must fulfill their destiny of a total life term.

That is not to say that we have a license to indiscriminately kill squash or step on any living creature for the sake of it. Killing an animal (or a plant) for food, or controlling pests if they jeopardize the welfare of another species, is vastly different from killing some living creature, including our own kind just for the sheer pleasure of it.

From mankind down to bacteria, we are all inextricably interwoven into this magnificently diverse multi-universe. Each and every living organism plays a crucial role in the ongoing evolution of life as a whole.

All of us creatures, great and small, rely on one another and if any one of us is missing, the whole purpose of life is compromised…

Dan’s Quote: “A fungus is just as important as a human being for life to flourish.”


About Dan Brand

Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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