EXPLAINING how the multi-universe works can only be done in dualistic terms (something here and something else over there) for our life experience is as individual life forms separated in time and space, so any description of life that differs from what we conceive to be our normal, natural state of being must be attempted using a dualistic framework of words and concepts.

 The problem is, the multi-universe is non-dualistic. It does not consist of different forms separated in time and space. It didn’t have a beginning and it won’t have an end. It is infinite. It always has been and always will be. To understand the concept of a multi-universe even a little, we are restricted to imagining it as being individual bits and pieces scattered about in space – which in reality, it is not.

Our ego consciousness is connected to all dimensional levels, and our ego awareness – which is what we recognize as being our individuality – that exists separately on each level and when put together makes up our collective ego consciousness – switches from one level to another from moment to moment throughout our lifetime, depending on the choices we make and more specifically, on the beliefs that we hold.

If you believe that life consists of heartache, danger etc, your ego awareness will gravitate to a level where this appears true. Conversely, if you believe the world is friendly and easy going most of the time, then that’s a level your ego awareness will gravitate towards.

In other words, whatever you believe the world to be like, there are dimensional levels that will accommodate your beliefs – and as your beliefs change, so does the level that your ego awareness will occupy.

It’s difficult enough to understand that when we die on one level, our ego awareness instantly switches to another, but because we are so close to ourselves, it is even harder to understand that we are switching levels from moment to moment throughout our lifetime, at the whim of our ever changing choices and beliefs.

This constant switching is necessary, as our beliefs and choices change with experience, so that the universe can continually provide us with a full panorama of what life has to offer…

Dan’s Quote: “You are free to imagine whatever lifetime you like…
_______________a fun adventure, or a painful journey – it’s up to you.”


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Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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