WHEN you look up at the night sky, passed the Milky Way into the space beyond, you are looking at infinity – it has no beginning, no end, it goes on forever. When you concentrate on the stars of the Milky Way itself, plus the moon, the trees and the mountains silhouetted against the night sky, you are looking at the finite contents of that infinite space.

These finite forms appear separate from each other and are of different shapes and sizes. Being finite, they all deteriorate over time, so unlike the infinite space in which they appear, they had a beginning and one day their existence will end.

As the physical observer of this night time spectacle, realize that you are also a finite part of the contents of this infinite space, so you too had a beginning and over time, you will deteriorate and eventually your existence will end.

All finite forms within this infinite space are not real, it’s only an illusion. They are there one minute and gone the next. In reality there is only the infinite, eternal nothingness. The world you are experiencing is in reality, that infinite space within your own mind.

There is no duality, no multi-universe, no separateness, no others, there is just the illusion. Your soul is the one who is experiencing this illusion of life. It accomplishes this by means of an infinite number of  life experiences, one for each dimensional level that your collective ego consciousness concurrently inhabits – and it’s the same story for all other living forms.

The person you think you are is only one of your many illusory selves that is each experiencing one aspect of your total life’s journey. In other words, the person you think you are is only a very small part of your total life experience. It is only your soul that experiences your totality by means of your collective ego consciousness.

While your life’s journey maybe finite, your reality is as infinite as the space beyond, and whilst ever you are here living a life on earth, you will remain oblivious to that fact – and that is how it should be…

Dan’s Quote: “Relax and let go, you are already where you are striving to be.
______________You are just not aware of it yet.”


About Dan Brand

Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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