Black Holes


black holes1

THIS STORY has nothing to do with the physical structure of black holes, rather it’s to illustrate the fact that we seldom take an unbiased look at anything in our lives that is in anyway strange or unusual. We tend to look at all new objects or enigmas through a cloud of past experiences, which means we don’t see them for what they are at all, only an interpretation that conforms to what we already know and understand.

 When confronted with anything new, we attempt to understand it using old thought patterns. We try to make it fit into a familiar slot so we can understand what it is, and when it doesn’t fit, we are at a loss to explain it, like black holes for instance. Instead we concoct up an explanation that seems plausible and compatible with our limited understanding of life.

We think in the past and these thoughts are old and stale and therefore of no real value if we are going to understand something that is completely new to our experience. To do that a new way of thinking is required. Until then, black holes will remain one of our universe’s confusing anomalies.

The point is to look at everything new, or not so new in our world from different angles, not just the three dimensional angle that we have used in the past. If scientists could shake off the cobwebs of the past from their minds, maybe they could take a fresh and clear look at black holes – or anything else that is new to mankind.

It comes down to the fact that we will never learn about or understand new things while we are using old thinking methods. We need to realize and accept ourselves as being three dimensional inhabitants of a three dimensional universe and that there are maybe, other ways of thinking.

One way is to leave three dimensional thought out of it and think with an open mind when attempting to figure out what black holes might or might not be. Understanding them is also an inroad into understanding  who we really are and why we are here in the first place…

Dan’s Quote: “Our knowledge of the truth is hidden behind a wall of ignorance.”



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