An Inside Story 118

VIRTUAL REALITY 25 ~ a Soul’s Journey…


BENEVOLENT simulations have occurred many times since Creation, most notably with the simulation of a human being named Jesus. Not the Jesus of religious doctrine, where he has been misrepresented to the extreme, but the real Jesus. The human Jesus was as ‘Unknowing’ as any other human being, but Yahweh had certain doorways in his mind purposely left slightly ajar.

When the time was right, this allowed Jesus’ soul to experience the physical drama on Earth whilst ‘Knowing’ rather than ‘Unknowing’ and as there is really only ‘Oneness’ it was in fact Yahweh who directly shared the awareness of the human Jesus. Jesus then had knowledge of what the average human could never understand and during his time on Earth, he imparted Yahweh’s insightful teachings to all who would listen.

His teachings have also filtered through the ages as continual signposts pointing towards what mankind needs to do – and yet few heed that advice. When Jesus’ physical body died, it decomposed back into the earth as all other finite bodies do, it was his spiritual body (soul) that transitioned to the Spiritual Plane.

Jesus was a soul like any other, who apart from his mission to deliver Yahweh’s timely messages to mankind, also had an agenda to fulfil. He needed to experience the negativities of the Physical Plane that he had not yet experienced. Hence his abuse at the hands of the Romans, and his subsequent torture, culminating in his extreme experience of physical negativity when he was nailed to a cross.

As it was with all souls who experience physical life and death, Jesus’ separate identity began by being forged in finite flesh on the Physical Plane, but at the same time his identity, cloaked in his spiritual body was delivered to the Oneness of Yahweh and eternity on the Spiritual Plane.

Jesus’ separate, self awareness continues eternally and because he is one of the more advanced souls, who has learned to conquer all physical negativities, he does in fact sit on the right hand side of Yahweh. He is known on Earth as Christ, but in reality He is the ‘Knowing’ soul within all mankind…

Dan’s Quote: “The reality of the ‘Knowing’ Christ is entirely different
______________from religion’s dogmatic portrayal of Christ.”

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