An Inside Story 117

VIRTUAL REALITY 24 ~ a Soul’s Journey…


APART from souls needing to undergo negative life experiences, both physical and mental, in their journey towards enlightenment, they also need to experience human body dysfunctions of all kinds, including eating disorders such as obesity and anorexia, plus all the other illnesses, dis-eases, (which means ‘the body is not at ease’) maladies and deformities that affect the physical human body.

 In truth they are all lessons of life, so are really blessings in disguise, a truth not understood by the ‘Unknowing’ human mind. The average soul can work through these sufferings fairly quickly, maybe a lifetime for each disorder, but if there are specific lessons to be learned, perhaps carried over from lessons not learned in past lives, a soul may need more than one lifetime to work through and overcome them.

Once each disorder is experienced and conquered however, a soul never needs to suffer that disability again. There is nothing faulty with the inhabiting soul or the human being who is experiencing these disabilities. Only the physical body suffers – and the body is an illusion – a part of The Dream.

The soul that inhabits the physical body has always been and always will be perfect. It is this soul awareness within the human body that transitions to the ‘Knowing’ of the Spiritual Plane, not the physical body itself. All ‘Unknowing’ human beings are in reality, whole and perfect in every way, their sick and failing physical bodies or minds are simply the vehicle through which lessons are to be learned.

Whenever Yahweh decided a special mission was warranted to assist man in some way, or to provide lessons that needed to be experienced and learned, a special classroom was allocated in which Yahweh gathered a collective of souls that all needed to learn that same particular lesson or lessons.

Sometimes these missions were to provide benevolent pointers that would assist mankind in his evolution on the road to enlightenment and sometimes they were to provide lessons that would expose certain groups of souls to sometimes horrific, negative experiences…

Dan’s Quote: “Who you think you are will not welcome the truth that will set you free..
______________But who you truly are will welcome it with open arms.”  

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