An Inside Story 116

VIRTUAL REALITY 23 ~ a Soul’s Journey


EVERY single human being on earth, whether they are so called good or bad, transitions to the Spiritual Plane when they die, every one of them, for in reality there are no bad people. All so called badness is only the negativity that is used as a learning tool to contrast against the positives that all souls enjoy in their true home in Heaven.

Yahweh’s ultimate purpose for Creation, and the end rewards that souls aspired to when they learned to overcome all negativities, filtered through to the mind of man as a religious objective, ‘To be as Christ and sit on the right hand side of God.’ To reach that pinnacle though, souls had to experience every facet of human life, especially the negativities, which could be separated into two main categories.

Firstly ‘Physical Violence’- which includes experiencing anything from extreme hardship, physical pain, accidents, disabilities, disease, natural disasters, petty crime, cruelty, murder, rape, torture, paedophilia, war etc. All physical violence must be experienced both as the victim and as the perpetrator.

Secondly, ‘Mental Violence’ – this includes greed, envy, lust, pride, vanity, spite, arrogance, selfishness, rage and much, much more. Again mental violence must be experienced both as possessing those negative traits and also while being on the receiving end. Souls must learn from the experience of all negativities before they can advance along the pathway to enlightenment – and to Yahweh.

If a lesson is not learned, that lesson will be repeated again and again in further lives until it is. Until then the soul will be stuck on the same level of ‘Unknowing’. Some souls needed only one lifetime to learn the lessons assigned for that life, so were more advanced in the learning experience than other souls.

There was no hurry for slow learners to catch up, as the Spiritual Plane was timeless and in reality, all souls were equal – except when ‘Unknowing’ while learning the lessons assigned to them during a human lifetime on the Physical Plane – plus there was another incentive.

Yahweh often needed souls from both ends of the learning spectrum to perform special lifetime missions on the Physical Plane and all souls aspired to be chosen for such missions…

Dan’s Quote: “The realization of the truth is the reawakening of the ‘Knowing’
_____________of where you always are and what you are forever.”

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  1. thank you Dan, insightful work.

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