An Inside Story 115

VIRTUAL REALITY 22 ~ a Soul’s Journey


SOL’S next human life plan was quite involved. It must have a clearly defined objective, yet allow Sol total free will. The simulation would include a complete human personality based on the lessons Sol had already learned, plus the ones he had yet to learn. There needed to be a set of goals to be accomplished, challenges to be overcome, experiences to be gained and fears to be faced.

Firstly, Sol needed to review what he had yet to learn and experience, then gather the souls around him who could supply the necessary skills and attributes to simulate the people that he would need to closely interact with him during his human lifetime, plus those who would play the part of his foes, antagonists and maybe even his killer, for although Sol had experienced violence in his lifetimes, there was still much to learn.

Sol’s main regret was that he would once again have to contend with Egor. Although Sol hated to admit it, Egor was a necessary evil for a human life simulation – but still, Sol didn’t have to like it – or him.

Earth is a classroom and it’s students are souls. It really isn’t much different to a human classroom, in that it consists of an average mix of souls from differing levels of learning. This is the same degree of intelligence spread amongst the human population on Earth.

All souls were pure and positive when ‘Knowing’ but whilst they were ‘Unknowing’ a soul was at risk of being completely overwhelmed by Egor (their ego), causing them to become distracted. This could cause them to fail a life test, thus requiring them to repeat further lifetimes at the same level until they passed.

It was the souls that failed their missions on Earth themselves who decided to repeat class, not Yahweh, as he was a compassionate and understanding teacher. Most times, those souls who had failed a life lesson would forgo time on the Heavenly Plane, opting instead to go back to Earth immediately, to endeavor to learn the lessons assigned to them.

The reason they were so keen to learn was that the ultimate aim of all souls was to advance to the level of Yahweh…

Dan’s Quote:Not only does the journey end when we reach our destination,
______________we will not even remember there was a journey.”

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