An Inside Story 114

VIRTUAL REALITY 21 ~ A Soul’s Journey

SULLY would continue to experience his own identity eternally. The dualistic framework of form on the Physical Plane is an illusion that causes mankind to appear to be separate from each other, enabling the diversity of  life experiences that are needed for our souls progress. Thus while Sully was enjoying his heavenly journey with Mia, Sol began making arrangements to move on.

That would seem impossible as Sol is Sully, so he would have to be where Sully was, but on the Spiritual Plane, that is not the case. Sully’s separate identity may have begun by being forged in finite flesh on the Physical Plane, but at the same time, his identity was delivered and consecrated in the Oneness of Yahweh (God) on the Spiritual Plane.

Sol began to arrange for his next trip in a new PSPR. Souls often referred to this as preparing to go ‘down’ to Hell, for Earth is better known on the Spiritual Plane as Hell. The same when they transitioned to the Spiritual Plane, souls sometimes referred to it as going ‘up‘ to Heaven (from a hell on Earth).

This reference was misinterpreted on the Physical Plane, becoming a myth to mean that hell was somewhere ‘down’ there, which became even more exaggerated over time (because of the oppressiveness of the human body and earthly environment) as a hot world full of fire and brimstone, with a nasty devil waiting to stick a pitchfork into the bum of any soul that had the misfortune to be bad whilst alive.

Conversely, if they were good, they would go ‘up’ to heaven, somewhere above. This myth was spread mainly by religious doctrine to allay the fears of the believers of their own particular faiths, each faith having a different interpretation, but it was complete and utter baloney.

In reality, there is nowhere one can go. What the souls were referring to when they said go ‘up’ to heaven meant to go up in awareness, to go up in consciousness, to become enlightened – to ‘Know’.

The same applies in the reverse. To go ‘down’ to hell meant to go down in awareness, to go down from consciousness to unconsciousness, to regress to un-enlightenment – to ‘Unknowingness’…

Dan’s Quote: “You are pure awareness, alive and Unknowing…
______________when you die you will become Knowing…
______________The only reason you can’t understand this is you are still alive.”

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