An Inside Story 113

VIRTUAL REALITY 20 ~ A Soul’s Journey   

EVEN when physical evolution reaches a stage where mankind is mature enough to handle ‘Knowing’, (God’s ultimate plan for The Dream) the Physical Plane will still be needed. When man fully realizes there is no separation, only Oneness, man’s violence and cruelty against man and other living creatures will end, but there will still be a need for contrasts to be made.

Sol and Mae understood that life on Earth was not meant to be perfect or easy. It became evident that every human body on Earth was meant to sicken and die. Human relationships, governments, religious institutions, machines and even Earth’s weather patterns are all meant to fail.

Death, disease and natural disasters are all essential elements of Earth’s makeup. While ‘Unknowing’, they have continually tried to make the imperfect perfect, the horrible beautiful and the limited limitless and each time they have failed miserably. Earth is in the same negative shape today as it was when they first began human simulations.

Whilst ‘Unknowing’ that is a very difficult truth to come to terms with, but so simple to understand when ‘Knowing’. Every transition they make to the Spiritual Plane brings a sudden, startling awareness of the commonsense and purpose of it all, it is all wonderfully meant to be.

After Sully’s Physical Plane simulation ended, he came to understand that he was now experiencing the Heavenly Plane Dream, not the Physical Plane Dream – although in truth, both dreams are part of The One Dream.

The difference is that on the Heavenly Plane, the Physical Plane environment is reproduced in all its perfection – without such thing as death, or pain, disease or natural disasters – no negativities at all. This was a souls eternal reward for a life on Earth.

Sully realized he was not in a Heaven on Earth so to speak, but rather an ‘Earth in Heaven’ – and it was beautiful – and absolutely wonderful…

Dan’s Quote:We are all here for a purpose and that is to experience contrasts..
______________Not to enjoy a life of bliss – that comes later.”

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