An Inside Story 112

VIRTUAL REALITY 19 ~ A Soul’s Journey


SULLY was a little surprised that his identity remained intact. His awareness of himself as Ben Sullivan and his past never dissolved into Sol. He realized then he had always been Sol – the Unknowing Sol. – Plus all his negativities, including his anger and hatred for his fellow man had dissipated, they had been left behind on the battlefield with the now redundant Egor.

Sully’s attention was caught by the most beautiful, yet familiar face in the crowd. He could not believe his eyes, it was his long lost love Mia, waiting in the background for Sully to come to terms with what was happening to him. He raced over to her and although his body was now light as a feather, his steps were heavy with emotion.

To Sully, all his Christmases had come at once. Sully/Sol took Mia/Mae into his aching, loving arms and tenderly kissed her on her soft sweet lips. It really did feel like heaven to Sully as they tenderly touched and caressed each other.

This was Sully’s time. This was a souls whole purpose for living a human lifetime on the Physical Plane. The rewards were being handed out and Sully was the eager and deserving recipient.

This was also Sol’s time. He had transitioned to the Knowing every time Sully’s simulator was sleeping, but he always left his Unknowing behind with Sully on the Physical Plane.

While Sully’s simulation was in progress, Sol was both Knowing and Unknowing, but this final time, his Unknowing had followed him to the Spiritual Plane. Sol’s Knowing had dissolved Sully’s Unknowing and Sully’s Heavenly journey could now begin…

Dan’s Quote: “Whatever we perceive the world to be…
______________Will be projected out there as the world we see.”

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