An Inside Story 110

VIRTUAL REALITY 17 ~ A Soul’s Journey… 

RELUCTANTLY, Sully admitted to himself that he had maybe met a few decent Towel Heads during his time here, but they were few and far between. Most of them were dick heads brainwashed by those bloody, shit lickin’ Pakis over the border. They were the ones that harboured and protected those mongrel, Islamic fundamentalist pricks. “The Pakis should be exterminated too,” he mused.

‘Zing’- a bullet screamed across the gap between Sully and Bazza, the soldier to his left. Sully looked across in trepidation, Bazza wasn’t moving. “Christ, he’s been shot!” Bazza, better known to his parents as Barry, had become one of Sully’s best mates after they were stationed together at Camp Victory in Baghdad.

Suddenly Bazza lifted a weary hand to brush away a swarm of those god forsaken flies and Sully heaved a sigh of relief. Most of the rifle fire from the Dune Coons pinged off into the wild blue yonder as their weapons were mostly antiquated and they were usually poor shots, this time they had missed again thank Christ, luck was on their side.

Sully never heard the shot that killed him. Out of the blue, seemingly in slow motion, his chest exploded in a bright crimson spray. “What the hell? Who’s blood’s that all over me?… Christ! is it mine… have I been friggin’ shot?… I’m dying!… Christ Almighty!”

Suddenly a spasm of terror spread through Sully’s body like an icy tornado as he realized that this was the day he thought would never come – not here, not in this god forsaken arsehole of a country. But it looked as though his number had come up, he had a sudden sense of dread that he was well and truly stuffed!

Then he stood up, feeling slightly light headed, “well, maybe I’m not dead after all” he murmured still in shock. Sully looked down at the crumpled, bloodied body that lay motionless on the ground in front of him. “Poor bastard” he thought out aloud, “looks as though he’s well and truly buggered… Wait a minute… isn’t that’s me?”

Sully/Sol took one last look at the dusty, barren battleground where Sully’s Unknowing was ending and quietly and smoothly transitioned to the Knowing of the Spiritual Plane…

Dan’s Quote: “All of the wars that mankind has ever fought
______________are only the ego’s futile battle to become real.”

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