An Inside Story 105

VIRTUAL REALITY 12 ~ A Soul’s Journey


ALTHOUGH there was only the One Dream there were three levels to that One Dream. First of all there was the lower level, the Physical Plane. This was the most important level really as it was created to allow the souls the ability to experience the contrasts between positive and negative forces, good and evil etc.

The Spiritual Plane was the middle level. It acted as a meeting point for all souls, where they met to discuss their different agendas and to assemble souls together in groups, selected for their appropriateness to assist with the learning experiences of each other’s missions on any upcoming physical life simulation.

They could also advise and assist in the progress of a physical life that was still active. The Spiritual Plane was also there to allow souls to reunite with loved ones that had transitioned to ‘Knowing’ at the end of their human life simulation.

There was also a third level where souls could rest and relax in perfect love, joy and peace. It was known as the ‘Heavenly Plane’. On this level nothing was dying, there was no such thing as death, everything was fresh and healthy, colourful and vibrantly alive. There was no disease, no pain, no negative emotions.

A soul had the ability to create whatever environment they liked on the Heavenly Plane, including an Earthly one. Whatever they could possibly imagine, they were free to create for their total enjoyment. There were no restrictions, only the freedom to be and do whatever they wished, and being timeless, for as long as they wished.

Sol though, had a soft spot for Earth, for even with all the brutality and conflict, death and destruction that overwhelmed the planet, he understood there was a purpose to it all – and underneath the pall of violence and negativity, it was still a beautiful world – after all, it was created by The Creator.

Sol and Mae (who was his Soul Mate) enthusiastically created this perfect Earth in its pristine glory on the Heavenly Plane to enjoy between human simulations and during human sleep time. They both eagerly looked forward to those very special, heavenly occasions…

Dan’s Quote: “Relax and realize that this is your story, you are Sol… 
______________And you have an eternal Soul Mate patiently waiting for you.”

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