An Inside Story 103

Virtual Reality 10 ~ A Soul’s Journey… 

SEXUALITY is nonexistent in the Oneness of the Spiritual Plane, it only exists in the dualistic dream of physical life, where the two expressions of a soul – the hidden (female) and the manifest (male) – are used as an attraction between the different species for the purpose of reproduction, ensuring the survival of all creatures, not just the human being.

Sol had a preference for experiencing only male simulations, while his Soul Mate preferred the female simulations. Neither of them had experienced a lifetime of a sexual orientation other than what they preferred, but many other souls sometimes swapped their sexual preferences.

If a soul decides to experience a life with opposite sexual genders – so as to learn specific lessons for evolutionary advancement, in both a spiritual and physical sense, or for the learning experience itself, then usually both expressions of that one soul would swap, each then living out a human life of an opposite sex to what was their norm.

This is manifested on the Physical Plane as homosexuality, where the leanings of both expressions of the soul/soul mate (Yin-Yang) were reversed so as to live out a life with opposing sexual genders.

Sometimes the simulated lifetimes openly expressed these sexual tendencies and sometimes they were repressed, but always the human self felt very uncomfortable with the sex of their body, unconsciously wishing to return to the sexual genders their soul/soul mate was used to.

Mostly though, souls simulated lifetimes of the sexual nature they preferred. It was only on these special learning curves that some chose to live out such one off lifetimes. On the Spiritual Plane it made no difference to the soul, for all souls are ‘sexless’ so to speak.

While Sol was ‘Knowing’ on the Spiritual Plane, he eagerly looked forward to spending time with his Soul Mate, continuing to play out the roles of male and female as was their preference and as they had done in many prior human life simulations.

For although the Physical Plane was set up by Yahweh to experience Himself in form using the dualistic contrasts of opposites, there was also facilities on the Spiritual Plane itself where this delightful pastime could continue…

Dan’s Quote: “You can never find something that has no existence in reality…
______________for instance, your false sense of self.”

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