An Inside Story 102

VIRTUAL REALITY 9 ~ A Soul’s Journey


NOT ONLY does Sol have the capability to transition from ‘Unknowing’ to ‘Knowing’ at the end of each human lifetime, he can and does so on a regular basis during the current lifetime. When the human body is asleep, Sol’s self awareness transitions from ‘Unknowing’ on the Physical Plane to ‘Knowing’ on the Spiritual Plane.

This is an important ability for all souls to have, for to spend 24/7 in a human body for a full lifetime would be quite stressful. The human body is heavy and awkward, dank, humid and unwieldy compared to the lightness of the soul, making it quite uncomfortable.

While Sol is ‘Knowing’ on the Spiritual Plane, he catches up with his spiritual family. They include both the ones whose life experiences have come to an end (in physical terms, their body has died) but also, the ones that are still experiencing a life simulation are there to greet him too.

There is one soul in particular that he loves to reunite with. Complementing Sol in both body and spirit is his Soul Mate. Spiritually, they have been together for eternity – In body, they sometimes share a lifetime together if their agendas coincide and if not, their lifetimes are spent separate from each other in another time and place on the Physical Plane.

In the Oneness of the Spiritual Plane though, they can never be apart for they are really one and the same soul. yinyangWhen simulating a human life in the ‘Unknowingness’ of the Physical Plane, there is the illusion that they are separate, making it a joy to meet each time they are ‘Knowing’ on the Spiritual Plane.

Sol’s Soul Mate is not separate from Sol but rather a complementary opposite, where one expression of Sol remains unseen, or hidden, which is known on the Physical Plane as feminine and the other expression of Sol remains visible, or manifest, which is known on the Physical Plane as masculine.

On the Physical Plane these two expressions of the one soul is known as Yin-Yang, a primitive truth that was purposely leaked across the imaginary divide from the Spiritual Plane to the Physical Plane as a hint of the true Oneness of reality…

Dan’s Quote: “Very, very rarely do soul mates meet in a lifetime, far less
______________share that same lifetime as sexual partners” 

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