An Inside Story 101

VIRTUAL REALITY 8 ~ A Soul’s Journey


EACH human being’s life has an agenda of lessons and events that need to be experienced, arranged by its soul before life begins, that once has been fulfilled, will eventually come to an end in what is known on the Physical Plane as death. Although the human form with its accompanying ego awareness ceases to be, the soul does not.

 It transitions with all that particular human life memories and identity to the Spiritual Plane, a realm the soul has never really left, for the human personality, mind and memories, as well as the physical world itself, is only a dream within the soul’s awareness.

Shutting one’s physical eyes and clearing the mind makes it possible to be quietly aware of the true formlessness of the human mind’s dark interior. It is in reality, a window to the void of eternity. The darkness within is not in the shape of the inside of a human skull at all, rather, it is a vast, dimensionless, fathomless void.

The soul does not occupy a specific position in this void, the soul is the infinite inner mind itself. It is The Dreamer, dreaming of a human life experience within its own awareness. The human personality, who’s awareness is a mixture of soul awareness plus the habitual mind’s (ego) recorded past, is not real.

When the human body deceases and is no more, the soul is compelled to take this record of human life with it as the soul is in reality the human awareness itself, freed from the constraints of the ego.

Whilst on the Physical Plane simulating a human life, the soul’s self awareness is what is referred to on the Spiritual Plane as ‘Unknowing’. When on the Spiritual Plane, the soul’s self awareness is referred to as ‘Knowing’.

A soul does not and cannot move from where it’s awareness eternally is, for all that it consists of is awareness and no-thing else.

At the death of the human body, (the outer, physical shell of the soul, so to speak) a soul’s self awareness remains constant and lucid as it transitions instantly from ‘Unknowing’ to ‘Knowing’- realizing immediately that it is and always has been the One Awareness in the nothingness of eternity…

Dan’s Quote: “The truth is there ready to be told…
_______________but you must be prepared to listen.”

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