An Inside Story 100

VIRTUAL REALITY 7 ~ A Soul’s Journey

EGOR was beginning to rouse as the computer stored past information at a rapid rate, ensuring the human’s survival – and Egor was very eager to survive. At this stage he wasn’t too much of a problem, but as he became more fully operational – that’s when all hell would break loose – literally. Negative emotions, those were the ones that Egor relished, for with them he could wield his false authority.

Sol was not looking forward to that, but Egor’s overbearingness was to come later. Egor remained happy though, for he was slowly gaining control of the human self as Sol slipped in and out of forgetfulness. He would continue to do this for quite a while as the infant human mind slowly stabilized and became more individualistic.

The computer, sensing Sol’s readiness to begin releasing control switched to manual and Sol began the slow integration into the role of a human being. “Bloody negative emotions” – It would be a long and arduous life experience for Sol – compared to the loving, peaceful joy of the Spiritual Plane that is.

It had always fascinated Sol as he mistily remembered his true source. He had been an airline pilot in one of his previous human life simulations and he likened this sensation to the flight simulator that he had once spent so much time in whilst training to be a pilot.

When he looked out through the PSPR monitors, instead of an aircraft nose, he saw an out of focus human nose. When he looked to the sides, instead of wings he saw human arms and hands, down below he saw a human torso rather than an aircraft fuselage and instead of landing gear there were human legs and feet.

Everything appeared to be so real and yet, like the view through the aircraft flight simulator monitors, they were all an illusion – made more realistic by the fact that he could also feel the human body. Sol was beginning to believe he was really a human being…

Dan’s Quote: “There is an Egor within each one of us… 
______________How much is your Egor controlling your life?”

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