An Inside Story 99

VIRTUAL REALITY 6 ~ A Soul’s Journey


BIRTHOFF was initiated through another PSPR piloted by a soul who had been experiencing human life for quite some time and had the ability to look after the new simulation until sufficient data had been accrued in the computer memory banks to enable the new human life form to become self sufficient.

Sol needed the experienced soul’s help after birthoff as well, for he had to relearn how to handle a PSPR as once settled down at his station in the newly activated ‘Mind’ he would become ‘Unknowing’ and no longer remember who he truly was or that he had guided many previous simulations.

Suddenly the parent PSPR began to convulse and contract, propelling Sol’s simulator towards birthoff. Sol waited tentatively as the PSPR entered the final launch sequence. The front monitors showed a brilliant light ahead.

To Sol, the transition to the Physical Plane was uncomfortable after so long in the subdued light of the un-birthed ‘Mind’ and scary too, for he was beginning to forget the truth of who he really was and become identified only with the simulated human body.

The final checks had been done and communication established between Sol and the ‘Mother’ soul in the birthing PSPR. All was ready – He was now at his most nervous. Yahweh tried to reassure him, telling Sol to trust in Him, but at such times, Sol usually didn’t listen.

Then with a rush, Sol’s PSPR emerged into the bright light of the Physical Plane. Human life had begun.

Sol’s memory was fading fast, the simulator was still on automatic and Egor remained dormant, but checks had to be made and Sol was the only one who could do it.

He was already hooked up to the surround sound system and the monitors, but now he was also attached to other sensors that simulated physical life such as touch, smell, taste etc…

…And emotions – Sol did not look forward to them, for human emotions were the hardest for a soul to come to terms with…

Dan’s Quote: “We are all piloting our own Personal Sphere of Perceived Reality, 
______________each of us flying at different levels of understanding.”

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