An Inside Story 98

VIRTUAL REALITY 5 ~ A Soul’s Journey…


COMPANION SOULS, especially those of his close family group, were also there to help Sol, whether they were involved in a simulation or not. That might appear implausible until realized that time and space are only illusions of the Physical Plane, therefore souls can be participating in a human life simulation while at the same time remain available for assistance to others when needed.

Sol settled back comfortably in the simulator and began to go through his pre-life check list as it was nearing time for takeoff… referred to on the Spiritual Plane as ‘Birthoff’.

Excitement was abuzz for no matter how many ‘Birthoffs’ there were, every new human simulation was always an important event. The PSPR was now primed and ready for the beginning of a new human life experience.

Sol was in position at the front of the ‘Mind’ although he had no real need to be there, for the simulator had been set to automatic when first fired up and the count down to ‘Birthoff’ initiated, but Sol was diligent and he liked to do the final checks to make sure all was well.

Being a part of the PSPR’s computer software, Egor was in standby mode. He would not be logged on until there was enough past information uploaded into memory to give him the data necessary to function. Until then, he was quietly dormant.

The Instructor, referred to as the Quiet Observer, didn’t enter the ‘Mind’ until Sol had the simulation well under way and Egor was fully involved in his duties of recording past data. That was when the Observer’s guidance was needed for Egor’s chattering interference escalated significantly as the simulation progressed.

Egor tended to think he knew better than Sol, so would incessantly give unsolicited advice. It would not be so bad if he knew what he was talking about, but he didn’t have a clue, so the Quiet Observer needed to be there to try and inspire Sol to listen to him and not to Egor.

That at times was very difficult for when Sol became ‘Unknowing’ he tended to listen to Egor rather than the quiet voice within…

Dan’s Quote: “There is a greater Intelligence steering you along life’s path,
______________have the trust to let go of the wheel and allow it to guide you.”

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