An Inside Story 97

VIRTUAL REALITY 4 ~ A Soul’s Journey


ASSISTING Sol in the cockpit of the simulator, (called the ‘Mind’) is an Instructor who sits in the co-pilots seat while remaining constantly connected to The Creator. He quietly observes Sol’s progress and gives advice when needed, although no matter how many simulations Sol has carried out, he still finds it difficult most times to hear or heed that advice.

Easier to hear is the PSPR life engineer who sits in the jump seat behind Sol. He is a veritable chatterbox that never shuts up named Egor. His task is to keep records of every event, no matter how trivial that occurs during the simulated lifetime, storing them away in the computer’s memory banks.

Unlike Sol, Egor can never leave the PSPR as he is a integral part of the mechanism itself. This tends to piss Egor off for he would absolutely love to visit the Spiritual Plane and indeed be like Sol, eternal. He looks lovingly at the exit every time Sol leaves the ‘Mind’ but no matter how hard he tries, he is unable to cross the threshold.

The truth is something Egor refuses to accept and that is, when this simulated lifetime is over, he becomes redundant. After each life simulation, all PSPR’s are reconfigured in readiness for the next training assignment, both the current Egor and the memories of past events are deleted. The simulator is then re-formatted and another fresh Egor installed.

Only Sol and The Creator, retain the complete memories of the physical persona used for the present life simulation (who in reality is Sol, whilst he is ‘unknowing’). As well, Sol remembers all the other physical personas who’s lifetimes he has experienced since the beginning of his training.

Overseeing the whole operation is The Creator whose idea it was in the first place – to create a living physical universe of form – better known on the Spiritual Plane as ‘The Dream’.

The Creator is more affectionately known amongst the souls as Yahweh, coined not long after ‘The Dream’ began and the PSPR had completed its initial trials for human survival capabilities…

Dan’s Quote: “Two advisers are always available to us,
______________success or disaster depends on which one we listen to.”

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