THREE essential ingredients are needed to create the physical universe – and yet they have no physical properties as such. They are each an essential part of our everyday life that we take for granted and yet we, or the scientific establishment, are at a loss to define exactly what they are. They are Energy, Magnetism and Spirit. Without any one of them, the physical universe could not exist.

Energy  – heat, electricity – has no physical properties and yet it is the power of the universe. Without it there would be no heat to ignite the stars into existence and allow living matter to evolve. Also there would be no light to show the universe was there. In other words, if it were possible for the universe to exist under such conditions,  it would be freezing, lifeless and undetectable.

Magnetism – gravity –  has no physical properties and yet it is the glue that binds the physical universe together. Without it, the universe would not have clumped in great big lumps that enables energy to do its work. Instead, the universe would consist only of miniscule, sub atomic particles floating aimlessly about in a dark and lifeless, freezing void.

Spirit – soul – has no physical properties and yet it animates physical life and gives acknowledgment to the universe. Without it there would be no one there to witness that the universe existed, so what would be the point – there would be no logical reason for the universe with its energy and its magnetic attraction to exist.

Three everlasting, indestructible, essential, non-physical ingredients that enable our physical universe (and us) to exist…

 Dan’s Quote: “Life in the physical realm is glorious and its purpose is to bring
______________you happiness through the awareness of who you really are.”- CWG


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