An Inside Story 96

VIRTUAL REALITY 3 ~ A Soul’s Journey


TRAINEE human being, Sol, nervously approached the human body simulator – better known on the Spiritual Plane as the PSPR – (Personal Sphere of Perceived Reality) that was sitting unattended in one ethereal corner of The Creator’s Realm after being reprogrammed in readiness for Sol’s next simulation.

Training required Sol to learn every aspect of human life. He had already mastered the basic survival techniques from many previous life simulations and was well on his way towards learning to overcome the more difficult intricacies of human emotions, like anger and fear, pain and heartache, greed and selfishness.

Sol anxiously wiped away beads of perspiration from his his spiritual brow, for no matter how many simulations he had performed over eternity, each and every time there was that same inner feeling of excited anticipation.

From experience, Sol knew that while he was piloting the PSPR, he would forget who he really was so he could more fully experience the contrasts between the negative forces (unavailable on the Spiritual Plane) and the positive forces that were pre-programmed into the simulation of human life. Before takeoff, this always made him feel just a little uneasy.

The PSPR had been purposely assigned to Sol as it was programmed with the full agenda for the mission he was to accomplish this lifetime, plus the genetic code for the human that was to be his physical persona, put together from all his prior learning achievements, which was also added to the records for mankind’s overall progress.

Also included was the assistance he was to give other souls during his simulation, to help them complete their particular life missions, while they in turn would assist him.

He had began his training aeons ago in PSPRs much more primitive than this one where he learned the basics of keeping the human body alive. As he piloted the many simulators through countless lifetimes that included injury, sickness, pain and death, he became more proficient at keeping the simulation going for longer and longer.

The PSPRs themselves also evolved as The Creator shared Sol’s and the other trainees experiences while they learned to handle human life, thus enabling The Creator to regularly update the simulators with the latest technology…

Dan’s Quote: “You are never left to your own devices, there is always a multitude
_____________ of loving friends just waiting to help… if you’ll let them.”

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