An Inside Story 95

VIRTUAL REALITY 2 ~ A Soul’s Journey…


BEFORE we can begin our story about a Soul’s journey through a human lifetime, we need to set the scene:- Compare the bubble that surrounds us, (described in Virtual Reality 1) to a flight simulator used to train airline pilots. It is a windowless pod that sits on a bunch of hydraulic rams usually in an airport hangar.

It is a stationary object comprising a fully fitted out flight deck. Once the trainee is inside, his sense of reality changes. The sights, sounds and movements of an aircraft taxiing to takeoff, flying and landing are simulated via surround sound speakers, front and side computer monitors and hydraulic rams outside that tilt the pod this way and that, giving the illusion of movement.

Everything inside and outside of the cockpit appears to be real but it is not, it is only a simulation of reality allowing the trainee pilot to acquire the necessary skills to fly an aircraft through all types of conditions. He also has to handle mechanical failures and other unexpected problems while experiencing the virtual reality of flying a plane, albeit safely, as he never really leaves the ground.

We are just like the trainee pilot inside his simulator except we are in a bubble that is invisible to the physical eye and senses. A ‘Personal Sphere of Perceived Reality’ if you will, or PSPR for short. There, we, or in this story, the Soul who is training to be a human, is learning how to live a physical life.

Apart from operating the PSPR under normal, calm conditions, the trainee human must also learn how to handle the whole gamut of negativities such as violence, pain, sadness, as well as unforseen failures from minor to major physical malfunctions.

The more time he spends in simulators the better he will be at handling any event that human life might throw at him –  And so the Story begins…

Dan’s Quote: “Sometimes life is like flying by the seat of your pants,
_____________ there can be a lot of turbulence and bumps along the way.”

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