An Inside Story 94

VIRTUAL REALITY 1 ~ A Soul’s Journey


EVERYONE of us experiences our own separate version of life viewed from inside what might be described in physical terms as an invisible bubble that completely surrounds us. Onto the inside screen of this bubble, we project a world we perceive to be real. It is not real, it is an imaginary world our mind has made up, depending on what we believe is real.

Each of us experiences a different world unique to us, depending on what it is we need to learn – for some, the world is calm, loving and friendly, for others it is a world of heartache, sickness and pain. For yet others it is overridden with crime, war and violence. For the majority of us though, it’s a blend of all of these positives and negative aspects of life.

In reality there is no world at all, there is only the One Awareness and nothing else – and the only way the One Awareness can experience a world at all is to dream. We are that Awareness, we are that Dreamer. The dream of the world we see in our bubble – or ‘Personal Sphere of Perceived Reality’ is an illusion – more elaborate than our normal nocturnal dreams maybe, but otherwise no different.

While we are dreaming our nightly dreams, we believe them to be real. It is not until we wake up in the morning that we suddenly become aware of how unreal they were. It is the same with our dream of life. While we are living in the world that surrounds us it appears real, but when we die, we wake up and realize it was also just a dream.

Because we are three dimensional, physical beings, we are restricted to using a dualistic framework of words and concepts to try and understand, therefore, any explanation of the way the One Awareness experiences the multitudinous dream of physical life falls far short of any adequate description.

Even though we must use such a framework, it is not stopping us from reading between the words and concepts and feel for the truth by telling ourselves a fictitious story of one Soul’s journey through a human lifetime…

Dan’s Quote: “But it all feels so real, the pain, the sorrow…
______________the love, the joy – and yet…”

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  1. Hello! I’m at work surfing around your blog from my new iphone 3gs! Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts! Keep up the fantastic work!

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