WE WALK the surface of our world blind to the grand scale of creation itself. Look into the faces of all those around us, their world only extends to the end of their nose. They are lord and master over all they see, but their vision is dulled by their unobservant eyes – their faces are turned towards the dust – their existence is restricted to the ground beneath their feet.

Ah, but look up! There is majesty! There then is perspective! Walk the shore of any ocean on Earth. Reach down for a handful of the universe. With great care, separate one single grain of sand from all the others. Imagine that this then is our world. This is our precious ball of stone weaving its place in all creation.Earth and Moon from Saturn

If we take that grain and drop it over our shoulder, then turn around and try to find our one, special, precious world there among the millions of grains of sand on which we stand –  we cannot.

We might walk to our neighbours house and return home without thought, yet if we go to the very next star and attempt to point out the light of our own home star, we can’t do it.

Its previous importance is dwarfed by the sheer grandeur of the galactic mosaic. Our art, our literature, our powers and possessions – such achievements are trivial when weighed against the scale of the firmament.

The physical world is only as large as our hand’s grasp. But the mind and spirit – there is no limit to what it can command – no boundary to hope. Let our one world thoughts go. Let go with our limited hands and imagine with our limitless mind. Do this… and the stars will be ours…

Dan’s Quote:- “This is our life, in this moment, this one breath.”~ Sharon Salzberg.


Picture insertThe tiny specks to the right of picture are the Earth and Moon taken on July 19, 2013 by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft from the vantage point of the outer solar system, with Saturn’s rings in the shot.

Inspiration for this post came from ‘Requiem of Stars’ by Tracy Hickman.   

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