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ENERGY, which is what we are in essence, can neither be created nor destroyed. All of the energy in existence has always been present in the Universal Singularity (the one single universe). Time and Space are one fabric of that singularity – you cannot have one without the other. This is the basic premise of modern physics. There is no time in this one single universe therefore there cannot be any space.

Without time and space there can be no separation or individuality. Energy cannot be separated, it is one entity, a unified monolithic, positive force with no boundaries, which cannot be broken up or divided in any way. This is the eternal and omnipresent root of the universe.

And yet the flesh and blood relative universe exists. Separation and individuality exists. How do we reconcile this? How can two people sit down together and have a conversation if they are both expressions of the same indivisible field of energy?

Imagine a video game on a computer. The characters in the game are all running on the same hardware, their separation in space is illusory, their time based interactions are expressions of pre-existing possibilities within this framework. It is the encoding of time that creates the possibility of interaction, both in a video game and in the physical world.

In the video game that code of time is stored with all the probabilities and possible outcomes co-existing on a hard disc. In the physical world the code of time with all the probabilities and possible outcomes resides in the Universal Singularity.

This does not imply that our lives are pre-determined and free choice is impossible, all probabilities, all possible outcomes co-exist in one moment, but in each moment we choose from those probabilities and our lives are expressions of those choices.

If rather than viewing ourselves as strictly separate individuals at odds with each other and the outside world, we instead viewed ourselves as a single unified field of existence, (as one entity) how might that change the way we interact?

How would we treat others if we really understood that everything we do to them, we are actually doing to ourselves?..

Dan’s Quote: “The illusion of time: A weekend of enjoyment passes by in the wink of an eye,
_____________whereas a twenty minute wait for a shop to open takes forever.”- DJB


Inspiration for this article came from the writings of Eckhart Tolle, Joel Kramer, Vernon Howard, ACM, CWG, Abraham, Many others and life itself.

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