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AS ONE DIAMOND has many individual facets, we are all individual facets of the One God. This enables the experience of multiple lives. It’s important to recognize that whilst we are the One God, or Soul Awareness, experiencing a smorgasbord of separate lives, we remain an integral part of everyone and everything else in this world – and everyone and everything else is an integral part of us.

Thus we cannot hurt, harm or damage any other living creature without hurting, harming or damaging our self, for in reality, they are all us. At the opposite end of the spectrum, we cannot love and appreciate any other living creature without loving and appreciating ourselves – and receive love and appreciation in return.

We are worthy of every bit of that love and appreciation whether we realize it or not – and so is everyone else. If we are part of everything else in this world, how then do we only experience this unique personality that we think we are and not be aware of the rest of the living creatures that we are a part of?

Imagine for a moment, the confusion if all life experiences were clumped into one. The maelstrom of sights, sounds and senses would render any learning experience or enjoyment impossible. Life experiences must be separated and that is precisely what the ego is for. The ego plays a vital role – in fact, without it, the experience of life in the physical world would not be possible.

Multiple life experiences are gathered from all the separate facets of the one Soul Awareness via the ego and once we make our transition back to the spiritual world, we will then have all of those experiences at our disposal. The individuated ego (the person we think we are), will then have done its job and will cease to be, as will the body.

This causes great fear in us only because we think we are our ego/body and that when we die, we will be no more, but we do not die. We cannot die. Only material things in a material time/space world, such as egos and bodies can die – but we are not of this world…

Dan’s Quote: “You dwell not here, but in eternity.
______________You travel but in dreams, while safe at home” – A Course In Miracles


Inspiration for this article came from the writings of Eckhart Tolle, Joel Kramer, Vernon Howard, ACM, CWG, Abraham, Many others and life itself.

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