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WHO WE TRULY ARE is limitless and without end. The words themselves mean exactly what they say. We are not the conglomeration of bones, muscle and tissue we call our body. That is not who we are. Our body is ours but it is not us. It is something that we are using. It is a tool – a device – a mechanism that responds and reacts in particular ways under particular influences and when subjected to particular stimuli.

This mechanism can be hurt or damaged or destroyed – but we cannot. This tool can be rendered completely inoperable – but we cannot. The reason is that our body is part of the physical space/time world, therefore it is finite. It can be hurt or perish. It has a beginning and an end – but we do not – we are infinite.

We believe that our body is that which holds us, which houses the essence of us. That is not correct. It is our soul that houses our body. Our soul does not live within the body – our body lives within a force field – a light that we call our aura. In reality there is no place where our soul ends and another begins. The bottom line is, there is only one.

Imagine for a moment that a soul is having a dream of being a human body with a name and history, living in the drama of a three dimensional world. In reality, the whole physical world including the human body and everyone and everything else in it, is within that soul as the dream it really is.

Our soul does not realize this, believing the dream as being reality. Compare that scenario by imagining going to bed tonight and having a dream. The dream seems real and appears to be occurring outside of us. When we wake up in the morning, we realize that the dream was inside of us all the time and not reality.

Because we have experienced this many times in our life, we take it for granted. Then take it for granted that when we wake up tomorrow morning from our night’s dream in the physical world – we are still dreaming – and will continue to do so until our task here is completed…

Dan’s Quote: “We must cease to know so many wrong things.”- Vernon Howard


Inspiration for this article came from the writings of Neale Donald Walsch (CWG), Eckhart Tolle, Joel Kramer, Vernon Howard, ACM, Abraham, Many others and life itself.

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