CONSCIOUSNESS is timeless. It was never born and does not die. In its pure state, it is the un-manifested, the eternal – it is our spiritual self. Consciousness uses the human mind as a means to experience and learn about itself. In the physical universe it appears to be subject to time and undergo an evolutionary process. The human body is the vehicle used for this process.

Through the human body, consciousness fulfils its destiny, which is a journey from unconsciousness to conscious awareness of its true self. The physical universe and the human body were created solely for this purpose. Consciousness enters the human form at birth, or thereabouts.

When it does so, it enters a dreamlike state. Intelligence remains, but consciousness becomes unconscious of itself. It gets lost in the physical world and thus, identifies only with physical form.

The human brain is the form through which consciousness experiences physical life. The brain does not create consciousness, consciousness created the brain, the most complicated physical form on earth. When the brain gets damaged, it does not mean we lose consciousness, it means consciousness can no longer use that form.

We cannot lose consciousness because it is in essence, who we are. We can only lose something that we have, but we cannot lose something that we are. When the physical experience is over, consciousness continues to exist, while the physical machine, the human body ceases to exist…

Dan’s Quote: “An unconscious consciousness is no more a contradiction 
_____________in terms than an unseen case of seeing.”~ Franz Clemens Brentano


Inspiration for this article came from the writings of Eckhart Tolle  – and life itself.

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