DICTIONARIES define faith as, ‘Trust and confidence in the truth, in honesty, friendship…… and God?” As it is a great mistake to suppose that God is only concerned with religion, this same truth also applies to faith. The general belief that faith is something that has to do only with religion is incorrect.

Having faith can affect our whole outlook on life – constantly – not just on Sundays, but seven days a week. The only problem we have with faith is that we give it away to others, whether a person, a god or a religious creed. Faith is vital life energy and to give that precious commodity to someone or something else outside of ourselves saps our inner strength and stunts our spiritual growth.

True faith is trust in our own personal inner nature – God in physical form. True faith conjures up feelings of love, joy and peace – attributes of a consciously aware mind. It has nothing to do with any belief system, but simply a quiet and assuring faith in oneself and a knowing that all is well…

Dan’s Quote– “Faith in oneself is the best and safest course.”- Michelangelo


Inspiration for this article came from the writings of Catherine Ponder, Others and life itself.

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