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FULFILLING God’s ultimate plan requires us to learn the lessons presented in each lifetime before we can proceed onto the next. There is no blame metered out if we fail to learn. When we were a child in kindergarten and we could not recite the alphabet correctly, we did not chastise ourselves, and we certainly didn’t leave class because it was all too hard.

We worked on understanding our ABC’s until we became proficient at it. Once learned, it would never have to be learned again. We could then tackle other subjects in our curriculum. It is important to realize that while here in the physical world, we could regard ourselves as children learning the lessons of life from scratch.

We are allowed to make mistakes. There are no penalties except those self imposed. We are a much loved child of the universe. So, suiciding, drug overdosing or any other means of avoiding life’s problems purposely brought upon ourselves is not the answer. Then what is? What do we need to do to progress?

Learn the lessons that life gives us. Simple. Lessons such as Compassion for our fellow man and all of earth’s creatures – Love and respect – Kindness – Understanding – Care – Forgiveness of others as well as ourselves – Generosity etc. – Something inside of us knows them all.

When the going gets tough, change your life movie if necessary, move away from a place of violence or suffering if you are sick and tired of it, don’t turn to drastic measures like suicide or drugs.  Realize that it’s all happening for a purpose.

Remember that whatever our situation, it is there to teach us something and if we look hard enough we’ll see that it’s not as bad as it first seems.

We want and need to learn, that’s an agreement we made with ourselves before we came here. One great thing about this physical world though is that there is a thing called time. Time passes and what is maybe quite painful and traumatic now is soon relegated to the past.

If a lesson is learned, it is learned forever, so go ahead, learn to be a loving human being…

Dan’s Quote: “We feel and know that we are eternal.
______________We know for sure that all is well.”- Vernon Howard


Inspiration for this article came from the writings of Eckhart Tolle, Joel Kramer, Vernon Howard, ACM, CWG, Abraham, Many others and life itself.

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