IN ALL our incarnations on earth, we are at all times the total of what we have been and done; what we have fought for and defended; what we have hated and loved. In the three dimensional consciousness of earth every atom of our physical body is a reflection of our soul – a crystallization of our individuality.

Our emotional and nervous structure, our mental abilities, our aptitudes, our aversions and preferences, our fears, our follies, our ambitions, our character are the sum of what we have done with our free will since it was given to us.

So every personality – the earthly cloak of an individual – is different from every other personality. So we are different than others in our likes and dislikes, in our desires and dreams.

Cause and effect likewise makes us different in our joys and sorrows, in our handicaps, our strengths, our weaknesses, our virtues and vices, our appreciation of beauty and also in our comprehension of the truth…


Inspiration for this article came from the writings of Edgar Cayceand life itself.

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