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ALTHOUGH God had granted the souls free will, so would not directly intervene in their learning experience, He did provide helpful guidance in written form, plus would occasionally deem it necessary to send a soul directly to the physical world to help mankind, a soul that had completed the experience of creation and had returned to God to become a companion and co-creator.

The soul is known to man as Christ. This Christ, as with this God should not be confused with the Christ of religious doctrine. The Christ soul (recognized by us today as Jesus, although there were many others that preceded him) was interested in the plight of his brother souls, so took human form from time to time, to act as a leader.

In the early stages, the Christ soul occasionally ‘took on flesh’ returning to the physical world to teach and lead mankind. These incarnations were neither born nor died, but only appeared when necessary.

To aid mankind further and give guidance in later times, God found it necessary to have Christ born of woman, as a new individual, a new soul record, so as to be fully accepted by mankind as ‘one of them’, though behind this new individuality shone the pure light of the Christ soul.

It was necessary that the knowledge of truth be hidden from the mind of this new individual, so he could be as one with the common people. A veil of ignorance was thus drawn on the awareness of his true self while the underlying Christ soul began his pilgrimage to help mankind.

He, Jesus, led by example – eventually triumphing over death and the physical body and became the way for man to follow. Although it may seem that our prayers are not being answered, God is sending us continuous help – we don’t need to be religious or go to church – we only need to be still and become aware.

The last Christ soul incarnated was Jesus as far as we know, but there are other ways in which God communicates with us…

Dan’s Quote: “The mind is the last part of yourself to listen to.
______________It thinks of everything you can lose.
______________The heart thinks of everything you can give
______________and the soul thinks of everything you are.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson


Inspiration for this article came from the philosophy of Edgar Cayce – and life itself.

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