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WHEN the trials were successfully completed and God was happy with the human life form as the vehicle in which to experience Himself, the souls entered the mind of man instead of hovering above the head. There they remained for the duration of the individual’s life, while a curtain of ignorance was drawn and the souls forgot the truth of who they really were.

Unknowingly, we are those souls and only when our physical life ends, will we remember the truth. God did this on purpose, for if the souls retained the knowledge of the truth as they did in the beginning, every time they fell on hard times or their suffering became too great, they would tend to give up and return to God.

By forgetting they were eternal beings, they fully accepted their earthly body and existence as their only reality, instilling in them the instinct for survival and the fear of death. This was advantageous to God as it added depth to the experience of life’s drama.

Once each soul’s physical journey ended, it would remember the truth and return to God from which in reality, it had never left – for the soul is part of God’s dream. When death occurs, only the physicality of the soul – the body and the ego leaves the soul, ceasing to exist.

After a respite in the spiritual world, each soul returns to the physical world, inhabiting a different human identity to continue the life experience. This ‘reincarnation’ occurs countless times for each soul until the soul comes to know creation in all its aspects, then it takes up permanent residence in the spiritual realm, becoming a companion of God.

We might wonder what happens to the person we think we are after the demise of the ego and body?’ This perplexing question has generated a whole plethora of myths, legends and beliefs over the ages in an attempt to ease our uncertainty and stem the fear of our own mortality and threatened oblivion.

This misapprehension, perpetuated mainly by religious institutions has scared the living daylights out of all of us ever since human life began…

Dan’s Quote: “Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in.
______________Aim at earth and you get neither.”- C. S. Lewis.


Inspiration for this article came from the writings of Edgar Cayce, Neale Donald Walsch (CWG), Eckhart Tolle, A Course In Miracles, Joel Kramer, Abraham, Vernon Howard, Many Others – and life itself.

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