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CREATING life on Earth began with God playing with the primordial soup – mixing into this concoction, bits of this and bits of that until finally creating a single cell creature. You can imagine God’s delight as He realized that this single celled organism was the ideal building block upon which to create the perfect physical life form in which to experience Himself.

Trials were carried out in the waters of earth as He thought it was the best medium for experiencing physical life. God combined more of these cells together to build more complex organisms until the earth’s oceans were teaming with life. God realized however, that as the earth cooled down after the fires of creation, that maybe the surface of the land would be a better environment for Him to inhabit.

So God arranged for some of His creatures to come out of the waters and inhabited the land. Firstly, God thought big was better and created the dinosaurs. After about 160 million years in our time, God came to the conclusion that maybe it was not such a good idea after all, so reluctantly He surrendered all the big cuddly fellows to extinction, as they kept stepping on and squashing his newer creations, forcing God to do it all again.

God liked the design though, so created new species based on the originals and called them reptiles and birds. The newly created ones were a lot smaller and a whole lot safer than the bigger versions, but God had decided anyway, that they were not the perfect vehicle for experiencing Himself.

With the creation of souls, God had a means of testing His creations with multiple experiences. The souls, being a part of His individuality, did not actually inhabit the creatures at this stage, but hovered just above their head, experiencing their life’s journey in the physical world but always retaining the knowledge of God and truth.

Although a suitable life form for God had not yet been found, at least now there was a physical environment that was well established as the staging ground for His ‘Getting to know Himself journey’. He had only one major creation left – finding the perfect vehicle…

Dan’s Quote: “It is only This Moment that counts, This Moment that matters. 
______________Dwelling on anything else is pointless.”- CWG


Inspiration for this article came from the writings of Edgar Cayce, Neale Donald Walsch (CWG), Eckhart Tolle, A Course In Miracles, Joel Kramer, Abraham, Vernon Howard, Many Others – and life itself.

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