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RELIGIOUS beliefs that we are taught to be true are spurious at best. Our teachers gained those beliefs from old books such as the Bible, Koran and other religious manuscripts. The problem with that is that over time the human scribes, who re-wrote those ancient religious texts, added their own prejudiced viewpoints, therefore changing the meaning and the words, thus rendering them unusable as a tool to discovering who we truly are.

They may contain some truths but they are so hidden in rhetoric that it is very difficult to find. It’s the same with going to church, which is okay in itself; the problem is when we believe what the preacher on the pulpit is saying, because he is getting his information from those same ancient, contaminated sources.

We are only aware of the physical half of ourselves, so how can we ever discover the truth of who we fully are? We must look within our own mind. Whatever we do, we mustn’t believe anything from an outside source, no matter how plausible it may seem. Believing someone else’s opinions or beliefs immediately stops us from ever finding out for ourselves.

Certainly listen, read and digest the meaning of what any person, religious or otherwise is trying to convey but we must allow ourselves the freedom to decide what our own truth might be, otherwise we’ll be stymied and stuck in a quagmire of ignorance and continued reliance on someone else’s truths, not our own.

Learning who we truly are is made a lot easier when we realize that there is something within us that already knows, so it’s not so much that we need to learn anything, rather we need to remember what we already know but have temporarily forgotten.

We might say to ourselves, ‘What’s that got to do with me? I have no interest in anything spiritual.’ This may come as a shock but we are all destined to learn (or remember) – it can be in this lifetime or it may take quite a few more lifetimes, but eventually we will fully understand who we truly are, both physically and spiritually – so why not start now?…

Dan’s Quote: “Only a person who has found peace within themselves
______________can be at peace with others.”- DJB


Inspiration for this article came from the writings of Neale Donald Walsch, Eckhart Tolle, A Course In Miracles, Joel Kramer, Abraham, Vernon Howard, Many Others – and life itself.

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  1. Sometimes it takes the impending end to shock us into “knowing”. Now deceased Chrissy Amphlet mentioned in an interview recently that although she was doing all she could to survive her two afflictions “she now knows”. Didn’t say what that was but she “knows” and that it really is “all OK”. Of course this makes sense when you believe there is no end.

    • You are right Ken, it seems we remain unaware until our end is in sight, then as what happened with Crissy, she knew but had no need to explain as it was so obvious to her. Let us all work towards the goal of understanding our true nature while we are still fit and well.

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